Friday, March 14, 2008

Changing only directory permissions in linux

Yesterday I have noticed that vTiger has released stable 5.0.4 version that was a key thing to upgrade from previous 5.0.4 RC. The procedure looked simple stupid.

But the problem I faced was linux file/directory permissions. The patch which should have been applied to the previous vTiger version consisted of many files which had 777 (read write for all) permissions. I know chmod but I nevertheless couldn't find the way to change only directory permissions.

So I googled for a while and found very useful bunch of commands. This will let you to change only directory permissions in unix:

find . -type d -exec chmod go-w {} \;

finds all directories (notice -type d) in the current directory and forbids to write for group and others (go-w)

find . -type f -exec chmod ug-r {} \;
finds all files in the current directory and forbids to read for owner and group

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